Gordon Highlanders

92nd Regiment of Foot

... a most humble summary of the 92nd Regiment of Foot ...

Our bloody History

The origin of our community can be traced back to a small group of friends playing a Napoleonic Era based modification for Mount&Blade Warband. In order to celebrate the release of Mount&Musket the developers decided to recreate the Battle of Waterloo and groups of like minded people formed the first regiments, one of them being the 92nd Regiment of Foot - Gordon Highlanders, founded on the day of the Waterloo event in September 2010. During the following years we grew to be one of the communities largest, most respected and successful regiments. While staying true to our founding values such as discipline and comradeship we were able to win several of the established tournaments. In 2014, after four years consisting of both low and high points, we felt that the game no longer provided the necessary appeal to continue playing and thus decided to take a break from the regimental scene. Friendships, however, are hard to kill and many of us continued to play together as a loose group.

With the release of "Holdfast: Nations at War" in September 2017 it was at once decided to revive what was once lost and the regiment was reformed. The word was spread and many of our former comrades followed the call to arms to enlist with the Gordon Highlanders again.

Holdfast: Nations at War

Holdfast: Nations At War is an online multiplayer first and third person shooter focusing on a combination of teamwork and individual skill. Take part in historic clashes waged by the most powerful nations during the great Napoleonic Era. You can choose to join a public server to play alone and with temporary teams or you take the King's Shilling and join the gallant 92nd Regiment of Foot - the Gordon Highlanders. Keep the line steady in open field battles and follow our lead to victory! There will be plenty of chances for you and your comrades to take on other regiments in tournaments and fierce competitive events. Hone your skills because you can be sure that your opponents will too!

Whether you are firing a musket or engage in close combat with sword and bayonet, Holdfast's combat mechanics are easy to learn but hard to master. The game rewards player skill via a precision and timing based directional melee system. No auto-blocking but individual skill and teamwork will win the battle and a well drilled regiment will have already poured the first volley into the enemy lines before they have formed up and have realised what is happening.

We offer you a unique gaming atmosphere in a well organized community. Loyalty, comradeship and an exceptional amount of professionalism make up the core virtues of the Gordon Highlanders. We are able to offer you an exciting journey through the Napoleonic Wars like you have never experienced it before.

Weekly Sunday Line Battle

Ever dreamed of standing on the battlefield with 150+ other players, where lines clash against lines? Men as brave as gods, fighting shoulder to shoulder in the heat of battle and in the face of the enemy but still loyal till the end. This is reality in the 92nd's weekly line battles, where we march on a foe that spans across the battlefield with multiple enemy regiments. Whilst our centre companies clash with the bulk of the enemy force, our Grendiers are second to none when it comes to crossing bayonets with their foe. Meanwhile the 92nd's light section covers the advance like rolling thunder. Join the gallant Gordon Highlanders and be a part of this event every Sunday from 7pm till 8pm GMT to play your role in a historical, well organised and fun line battle.