Application Manhattan - Accepted

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    The Netherlands

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    I recently bought Holdfast, because I am really interested in the Napoleonic era, with all its military tactics and strategy’s. However I found out that those tactics are rarely seen on the public servers, since its too chaotic and unorganized. Therefore I decided to join a regiment who focuses on that particular aspect of the game. After looking up some regiments, I chose to apply for 92nd because of the experience and discipline. I also watched some videos and everything looked really organized and competent.

    Which regiments did you serve with already?

    None, I have however been in other militairy-simulator-game communities.

    Are you able to attend our weekly official event?


    Historical Name: James MacArthur

  • Thank you for your application!

    Our next event is on Sunday, 7th January 2018 at 7pm GMT/8:00pm CET - a full blown line battle with about 200 players! One of our officers or non-commissioned officers will add you on steam soon and will stay in contact with you. Please make sure that you will be free to attend your first event. If you enjoy it and nothing goes wrong you shall be accepted into our ranks afterwards.

    Yours sincerely,

    Serjeant Alexander Campbell