Application Ralph - Accepted

  • Age: 28

    Steam Profile URL:

    Location: Kent, United Kingdom

    Why would you like to join us?: Hi my real name is Adam Carter close friends have always called me by my nickname Ralph an old childhood given nickname. I've recently bought Holdfast Nations At War and I'm Thoroughly enjoying the game. I have a keen interest in military history and have always loved learning about the Napoleonic and Victorian era. Although great fun it is clear the game would be far more enjoyable while playing with a group of like minded individuals using proper line infantry tactics in a more organised and less chaotic manner. I have been veteran PC gamer my whole life mainly focusing on tactical shooters and strategy games like op flashpoint, Rainbow six, Ghost Recon, Arma series, total war, Europa Universalis to name a few. I'm also an avid hearthstone player for my sins. I hope that my communication skills and ability to listen to commands would serve the regiment well.

    Which regiments did you serve with already?

    None so far as new to the game although I will mention I have served in a couple of semi - realism arma clans in the past.

    Are you able to attend our weekly official event?

    Yes a perfect time for me.

    Historical Name:

    Dougal MacLean:D

  • Thank you for your application!

    Our next event is on Sunday, 15th April 2018 at 7pm GMT/8:00pm CET - a full blown line battle with about 200 players! One of our officers or non-commissioned officers will add you on steam soon and will stay in contact with you. Please make sure that you will be free to attend your first event. If you enjoy it and nothing goes wrong you shall be accepted into our ranks afterwards.

    Yours sincerely,

    Alexander Campbell