Application Ledair - Declined

  • Age: 52

    Steam Profile URL:



    Why would you like to join us?:

    You're the 92nd, You seem like a you're OK and interested in the history and doing things right as well as having fun.

    Also, I can be a piper!

    I also do reenactment - not Napoleonic period but Wars of the three Kingdoms and Thirty Years War.

    My Regiment is Col. William Gordon's Regiment of Foot, the first recorded regular line regiment Commissioned by the Marquis of Huntly at the time and carrying the Gordon name.

    check out the link if you're interested…241e5815c50aae2fd360b.pdf

    Which regiments did you serve with already?

    None in Holdfast, I'm a member of a few other groups for other games

    Are you able to attend our weekly official event?

    [Sundays 7pm BST: Click here to check the time zones]

    Some but not not all . Sundays can be quite busy for me.

    My online free time tends to be more in the afternoons.

    Historical Name:

    [Check our list of historical names from the original muster roll]

    James Cameron

  • Thank you for your application!

    Our next event is on Sunday, 29th April 2018 at 7pm GMT/8:00pm CET - a full blown line battle with about 200 players! One of our officers or non-commissioned officers will add you on steam soon and will stay in contact with you. Please make sure that you will be free to attend your first event. If you enjoy it and nothing goes wrong you shall be accepted into our ranks afterwards.

    Yours sincerely,

    David Barclay

  • Hello,

    Sadly I was not able to join you on Sunday for your Line Battle and after some reflection think it is better to withdraw my app from the 92nd as it will always be very unpredictable whether I can make the Sunday Line Battle even when I am available. Thanks for the opportunity. Best of luck and see you on the battle field