Knighty Shiny Knight

Since we've had a very fun event on Chivalry, I've decided to show you my man at arms outfit I've been building for over 3 years now, gathering pieces from various medieval markets

It'll be improved soon again but I hope you like it !

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  • I know this is quite late but... I have to ask it!
    How much did it cost you? I'm dreaming of buying a full plate for myself someday.
    • After a small calculus, we can come to the "modest" amount of 1200-1300€
      If you're interested in buying pieces or, let's be fools, a full set, I have some useful links for you !
      And just saying that, depending of the website, the quality of the metal that is used to build the armour, the time period of the armour and the weapons which get along with it, the price can varry a lot so... if you're interested in buying such thing (which is awesome imo) be sure to check many sites as you can before buying anything
      (Also, buying small pieces one by one can sometimes be more expensive than actually buying a full set directly)
      If you have other questions, feel free to ask !
    • I believe I would probably aim for a late medieval, without being "Renaissance" era plate armor.
      I do not know for the weapons yet, I mean, don't you need a permit for a real sharp blade or a mace?

      Did you buy your pieces online, or did you trek all over France to get them? The ensemble looks like it's coming from the same armor set.

      I'll gladly take your links (and advices), my fellow frenchman!
    • Good choice of armour, it can be pretty expensive depending on how the armour actually is designed but it's cool anyway
      I have a licence I earned at my fencing club which allows me to both use and carry my not sharpened and training swords/weapons and I have absolutely no idea if you need a special document to carry sharpened blades, you'll have to check the laws of the French Federation of Fencing or other organisations which deals with all that stuff

      I did buy most of my pieces online on a very good website (links below) but my gauntlets and my helmet were bought IRL at a medieval market while I bought my sword on a website dedicated to medieval fencing and extreme fighting sports, so I mostly wandered a bit everywhere, trying to find the pieces which could fit best with what I had at the beginning (my helmet was the first part of all this set)

      And about the links, here are some (if other people look up to those websites, I'm sorry but they're mostly french or german, I've no idea about the british websites)
  • Awesome! How much does it weigh ?
    • This doesn't weigh a lot, around 10-15 kilos for this set but, with the huge chestplate (I'll put a photo of it soon, no worries ;) ) I'm more around 25 to 30 kilos, and still, I'm missing some parts
    • Yeah, Post em up man! :D
  • Impressive!
  • Shine bright like a templer